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100 Percent Mustard 120ml 4.06 Fl Oz

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The benefits of Mustard oil just do not stop! It contains allyl isothiocyanate, a chemical compound that has been well studied for its effect on pain receptors in the body. Mustard seed oil also Blocks microbial growth, promotes skin and hair health and slows cancer cell growth.

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Pure Mustard oil, or sarso oil, is a fatty vegetable oil produced from mustard seeds using a steam distillation process. The benefits of mustard oil are many. Mustard oil for hair is known to be very effective, as it is known to promote skin and hair health and can be used to alleviate pain. Furthermore, organic mustard oil for skin is also effective, as it possesses powerful antimicrobial properties and may help block the growth of certain types of harmful bacteria. Mustard oil for skin whitening is also effective, as it is often applied topically to help optimize hair and skin health as it reduces fine lines and wrinkles and increases hair growth, which is why it is effective as mustard oil for hair growth.


Benefits of Mustard Oil:
Blocks microbial growth
Promotes skin and hair health
Alleviates pain
Slows cancer cell growth
May support heart health.


Use of Mustard Oil:
Dilute with a carrier oil, applied topically to the face to heal dry/patchy skin.
Massage a few drops of the oil on the chest for easy breathing.
Massage the oil to the scalp regularly to treat dull, lifeless hair.


Precautions of Mustard Oil:
Avoid contact with eyes and inner ears. Discontinue use if irritation or rash occurs. If you are pregnant or nursing, or have a history of allergic reactions, speak to a doctor before using any carrier oil. Always store the oils in a safe area away from children.


Made In Pakistan

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