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Bengay Ulra Strenght Topical Analgesic Cream, Non-Greasy NET WT 4 OZ (113g-5


  • 4-ounce tube of non-greasy Bengay Ultra Strength Topical Pain Relief Cream to ease backaches, minor arthritis, muscle, and joint pain
  • Topical analgesic contains three pain-relieving ingredients—camphor, menthol, and methyl salicylate, for ultra-strong relief in a non-greasy cream.

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For strong relief from aches and pains, use Ultra Strength Bengay Topical Pain Relief Cream. With three pain-relieving ingredients, more than any other Bengay product, this non-greasy topical cream provides pain relief from minor arthritis, backache, muscle, and joint pain. The cream is formulated with camphor, menthol, and methyl salicylate. Massage the topical pain-relieving analgesic into the skin for deep, penetrating pain relief. This non-greasy cream comes in a tube for convenient application. Bengay is a physician-recommended OTC topical analgesic.

How BENGAY Can Help
You’re the weekend warrior, the wrangler of children, and the doer of everything to the fullest. Whether you’re jogging circles around your block, catching a few innings for your kid in the backyard, or taking first place in the office 5k, there’s always something to remind you that you’re not in your twenties anymore. Minor muscle aches and soreness can happen to anyone at any moment.

These are the times when BENGAY products can help. BENGAY products provide penetrating relief to your sore spots. Our topical patches, creams, and gels are absorbed directly into the affected area and start working fast so you can get back in the game, the sleeping bag, or seat 17B.


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