Bio Hunza Cold Pressed Sesame Oil 100% Organic 235ml


Cold Pressed Neem Oil is one of nature’s most ideal approaches to deal mostly with issues regarding the skin and hair. Organic Neem Oil is pressed from the bark, leaves, and cones of an evergreen tree, mostly found in South Asia especially India, Pakistan, and parts of Africa. Neem Oil is found to be particularly beneficial for the treatment of skin related problems. It heals numerous ailments such as acne, eczema, fungal infections, warts, rashes, and dryness. It is also used to clear out dandruff from hair and regenerates the hair roots.


100% Organic cold pressed Sesame oil. Sesame is considered the best hair growth treatment. This oil comprises of Vitamin E, B complex, minerals as calcium, phosphorus, and protein which makes your hair solid from root to top. It, likewise, moisturizes your skin and repairs your damaged skin normally.

  • Great skin moisturizer
  • Provides nourishment and strength to hair from root up
  • Edible and applicable features
  • USDA Certified Organic


Manufactured by Pakistan

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