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Bio-Life Analon Natural Remedy for Hemorrhoids 30 Capsules


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  • BioLife’s Analon capsule increases the level of cytokines in WBC’s Which result in the stabilization of anal membranes, reduces the edema, and decreases the tortuosity of the varicose veins in the anus.
  • Analon Capsules are indicated for 1st degree, 2nd degree & 3rd-degree hemorrhoids.
  • There is no known adverse effect of Analon Caps.
  • It is safe in pregnancy but recommended in the first trimester as a rule.
  • Concomitant. Analon Caps can be used with analgesics, anti-inflammatory agents, laxatives, and local Anesthetic agents safely.
  • Precautions: During the treatment with Analon Cap.
  • Fiber-containing, less spicy, and less fatty diets should be used.
  • Additional Information: To the extent of prolapse Injection sclerotherapy can be carried out after treatment with Analon Capsules.



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