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Biovita Maxvit Help To Make Up Multiple Vitamin Mineral & Fibers Deficency 60 Capsules


Yohimbinium is an amazing herb that increases blood flow and nerve impulses to the nerve. It may help improve ED. Yohimbinum is also very effective for the treatment of various sensual disorders. It helps in the treatment of PE-and-ED.

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Alfalfa is very helpful to fulfill the nutritional needs of the body thus improving the Immune System, Strong Muscles & Bones, and is responsible to maintain an ideal healthy body. Alfalfa is an antioxidant and fights against free radicals to protect against diseases.

Zinc improves the immune system, inability of cojones and ovaries to function properly. Zinc helps to improve testosterone levels and prolactin.

Ginseng is a famous herb that play important role in energy metabolism, strengthening the immune system, and supporting bone and muscle health. It is also very helpful to stimulate mental and physical activities.

Salix Nigra is an excellent sensual tonic as it helps in getting rid of genital irritability and controls sensual passion. It is helpful in curing spermatorrhoea, impotence, and emissions.

“Maxvit is the combination of these amazingly beneficial ingredients and is proven to show stunning results”


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