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Bourjois Intense Eye Twist-Up Mascara + Khol + Contour Eye Pencil


Bourjois Twist Up Mascara and Free Eyeliner for a Unique Look Premium 2 in 1 Mascara with two adjustable lengths and volumes,

Product Highlights:
  • Intense volume and definition mascara
  • Long-lasting khol & contour pencil
  • Mini mascara primer
  • Twist-up applicator for easy application
  • Smudge-proof and waterproof formula
    adjustable lengthening and thickening brush

    Bourjois Intense Eye Twist-Up Mascara + Khol & Contour Promo Pack is the ultimate eye makeup duo that elevates your look. With the help of the compact khol and contour pencil and the multipurpose mascara in this promotional set, you can create gorgeous eye makeup looks with ease. The khol & contour pencil offers a fine, long-lasting line, while the mascara’s twist-up applicator gives volume and definition. This set is essential for any makeup enthusiast because of its deep pigmentation and long-lasting formulations. Elevate your eye makeup game whether you desire a natural or glamorous look, this dynamic duo helps you achieve stunning results with ease.


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