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Bundle Deal 4 (Bundle of Hair, Skin & Nail & Super Collagen)


  • Hydrolyzed Types 1 and 3 Collagen Peptides in an unflavored, easy-to-mix powder form are included in this collagen supplement, making it a valuable source of collagen-building blocks for the body.
  • It promotes beauty from the inside out, and hydrolyzed collagen works to improve the appearance and health of your hair, skin, and nails.
  • In this collagen supplement for women and men, 6,600mg of Collagen Types 1 & 3 are found in each serving, which provides joint support.

Make your inner beauty shine with NeoCell Super Collagen Powder, which contains hydrolyzed collagen types 1 and 3. The body’s structural protein collagen helps to keep muscles and connective tissue flexible and robust. Collagen crosslinking and depletion can cause common indications of ageing in the skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones as we grow older. NeoCell collagen supplements help maintain healthy collagen production for younger-looking skin, strong hair, and healthy nails. NeoCell Collagen is a non-GMO, paleo-friendly, and gluten-free supplement that promotes glowing skin from the inside out. Super Collagen Powder is unflavored and can be added to your morning smoothie, a hot or cold beverage, or any other recipe that calls for the use of collagen. Take NeoCell Super Collagen in the mornings for optimum results. Neither the FDA nor any other regulatory agency has reviewed or analyzed these claims. To be clear, these goods are not meant to treat or cure any ailment.

Collagen (6.6 g), total fat, cholesterol, and carbohydrates (total) are all included in the calorie count of this meal. Sulfite residues may pose an allergy hazard. Amino acid composition in natural form (represent average values, the amount may vary). Alanine 8.50 per cent, Arginine 7.90 per cent, Aspartic Acid 5.70 per cent, Cystine 0.08 per cent, Glutamic Acid 9.50 per cent, Glycine 22.80 per cent, Histidine 0.77 per cent, Hydroxyproline 13.00 per cent, Hydroxylysine 0.70 per cent, Isoleucine 1.30 per cent, Leucine 2.90 per cent, Lysine 4.20 per cent, Phenylalanine 2.00 per cent, Proline 13.80 per cent, Serine 3.30 per cent, Threonine 1.90 per cent, Tyrosine 0.40 per cent, Valine 2.40 per cent.

Suggested Usages
Consume one scoop of Super Collagen Powder per day in your favourite beverage, smoothie, or dish.

Legal Disclaimer:
Nothing on this website is meant to be used for medical diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevention. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has never investigated statements about dietary supplements to the best of our knowledge.


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