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Denim Anti-Pollution Facewash 100ml


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Pollution is microscopic particles of soot, smoke and acid released into air which can cause increased sebum production, increased dehydration and reduce natural anti-oxidant defences at skin’s surface.

50 in stock

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Pollution is microscopic particles of soot, smoke, and acid released into the air which can cause increased sebum production, increased dehydration, and reduce natural anti-oxidant defenses at the skin’s surface. Denim Anti-Pollution Facewash Protects skin from the effects of pollution. The face wash is formulated with gentle yet effective cleaning agents and is infused with vitamins to reduce Damages of pollution on skin and give clear radiant-looking skin.

Key Ingredients: 

  • Ginger extract – Strong anti-oxidant, supports skin’s natural defenses
  • Phytic Acid – Protects skin from effects of pollution
  • Vitamins A, E & F – The multivitamin system helps fights oxidation and protects and skin

Instructions for Use: 

  • Apply to hands, add water, and work into a lather
  • Massage into face gently
  • Rinse thoroughly



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