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Dr.Rashel 24k Gold Radiance & Anti Aging Essence Mask


Helps to remove wrinkles & brighten skin while giving skin a youthful – looking glow.

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This is a luxurious serum that combined 24k pure gold ( 99.9%), it is rich in nutrients, can be deeply penetrated into the bottom of the skin to exert powerful moisturizing and anti-aging effects.



  • Provides intense hydration and firming effect to your skin,
  • makes skin instantly full, moist and glossy, looks supple and healthy.
  • The fine granular gold can be used to remove toxins and impurities on the skin.
  • Stimulates the skin’s natural moisturizing factor and promotes metabolism, to achieve the tightening and whitening effect for the skin.



Apply a few drops n the center of your face, and massage outwards, as the last step of your skin care, before applying your makeup/foundation.

It can be used as an effective primer.

Can also be layered as a spot treatment for heavily textured areas on the skin.

This will leave your skin with a brightened, blurred and soft.


Manufactured in pakistan


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