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Dr. Rashel Vitamin C, Brightening And Anti-Aging Day Cream


Dr. Rashel’s Vitamin C day cream is an anti-aging product that also contains collagen and hyaluronic acid, and it moisturises the skin. Vitamin C day Cream Known for their ability to act as powerful antioxidants, which protect the skin from the signs of ageing and prolong its youthful appearance. The use of Dr. Rashel’s face cream, which contains vitamin C and encourages the formation of collagen, can help to diminish the look of wrinkles and fine lines and promote a clear complexion. This face cream contains hyaluronic acid, which not only moisturises your skin in a profound and natural way but also helps to clarify your complexion, resulting in the appearance of naturally glowing and healthy skin.

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In addition to its high level of effectiveness, the RASHEL VITAMIN C day cream is light and easy to administer. It will assist in the removal of sun spots and discoloration, as well as enhance the skin’s texture, reduce the formation of wrinkles, and lessen the visibility of wrinkles that are already present. In addition to this, it has a base that is extremely concentrated in pure vegan hyaluronic acid, which helps to heal, protect, and plump up skin cells. Rashel’s skin whitening cream helps eliminate dark pigmentation, sun spots, and acne scars while also minimizing the visibility of black spots. It incorporates protein into the skin to protect it from environmental damage and contains skin-essential elements such as niacinamide and arbutin, which lighten dark marks and blemishes for clean and spotless skin and lighten black markings and blemishes for clearer skin.

Niacinamide and arbutin also lighten dark marks and blemishes for clean and spotless skin. All of the products have been reviewed by dermatologists to guarantee that they are safe for human consumption; they contain only natural ingredients, and they do not support any kind of animal research in any manner. We, at Dr. Rashel South Africa, are the Distributors of this Amazing Brand, and we are passionately committed to offering top-quality products that will bring forth a Special type of Confidence to Suit both your Pocket and your Lifestyle.


Vitamin C.


After washing and toning, apply a pea-sized dollop of the cream to your face and neck and massage in until it’s entirely absorbed.

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