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Febreze Unstoppales Small Spaces Air Freshener, 0.25 fl. oz.

120 ratings



● Long-lasting
● Small enough to fit into cramped places
● Completely eradicates big-time odors.
● Works nonstop for 45 days
● Tackles bad smells in the air and even on soft surfaces
● Offers up to 2x scent power
● Freshens up mood and surroundings
● No refills needed
● Classic, fresh & bold fragrance
● Compatible for all kinds of spaces.

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Brighten up your day with Febreze Unstoppales Small Space Air Freshener. Battle away those nasty stenches with this lightweight miracle product. It’s time to take charge and hit refresh!

With its compact shape and easy-to-use method, this air freshener is an innovative way to chase away any bad smell that may linger on. This product clears it all away! From cramped closet spaces to stinky bathrooms and even big, smelly bedrooms. It doesn’t just mask the odor but instead completely eliminates the smell for up to 45 days.

So just lay back and relax as a fresh aroma encompasses your surroundings. It’ll invigorate your senses unlike any other! Be bold, be unstoppable with Febreze Unstoppables Small Space Air Freshener.


[No Key Ingredients]




1. Unpack the product from its casing.
2. Turn the Air Freshener around and give the light blue button a strong push with your thumbs in the back.
3. Upon contact, Febreze Unstoppales Small Space Air Freshener will get activated.
4. Gradually the fresh scent will start to get released.

** If no scent has been detected, press the light blue button again, with more force.


● For external use only
● Keep out of reach of pets and children
● Not suitable for consumption
● This product contains fragrance oils.
● Make sure to keep the product away from the eye area.
● Do not insert fingers into the product’s ventilating system.
● Thoroughly wash hands after handling the product.
● Do not apply to burnt or damaged skin.
● Immediately rinse with water if the product seeps into your eyes
● Keep away from excessive heat
● If the product is swallowed or an unusual rash occurs upon use, consult a health care practitioner immediately.



Manufactured by USA




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