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Hamdard Habb-e-Khas 20 Tablets


Highly supportive in relieving male sexual debility & restoring of masculine vigour



Hamdard Habb-e-Khas is a supportive and effective therapy for relieving male sexual debility and restoring masculine vigor, raises the sexual level, beneficial in loss of libido, and fatigue. Hamdard Habb-e-Khas enhances the functions of male sex and overall general health.

  • Calx of Silver: It helps to strengthen the vital organs such as heart, brain and liver, and increase libido. Beneficial in spermatorrhoea and nocturnal emission.
  • Strychons nux-vomica: Nux-vomica contains strychnine and other natural chemicals that affect brain and muscle contractions. It is a helpful remedy in erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.Nux-vomica is highly reputed remedy in nervous and phlegmatic disorders.
  • Calx of Pearls: It helps in eradicating weakness of heart. It provides strength to heart and brain.It quickly restores energy in convalescent patients, also useful in palpitation and spermatorrhoea in male.
  • Calx of Iron: It is good remedy for anemia. It is useful in iron deficiency, increases blood formation and removes the loss of appetite and paleness of face. It is also useful in general debility.
  • Calx of Coral: It is useful in sexual debility. It helps and increases rigidity of the male sex organ.
  • Ambergris powder: It is recommended for general nervous and specific sexual debility, impotence and in loss of libido.
  • Castoreum (Jund baidastar): It is a glandular secretion and is administered in nervous debility.
  • Crocus sativus: It has stimulating action on the nervous system and also has aphrodisiac action.


  • Sexual debility, sexual disorders like premature ejaculation.


Per tablet contains:

  • Flakes of silver foils: 10 mg
  • Delphinium denudatum: 2.9 mg
  • Garnet ultra fine powder: 10 mg
  • Doronicum hookeri: 2.9 mg
  • Turquoise ultra fine powder: 08 mg
  • Lapis lazuli ultra fine powder: 2.9 mg
  • Olivine ultra fine powder: 7.5 mg
  • Mineral bezoar: 2.9 mg
  • Bombyx mori: 5.6 mg
  • Myristica fragrans (nut meg): 2.9 mg
  • Coral base ultra fine powder: 5.6 mg
  • Pearls ultra fine powder: 2.9 mg
  • Coral top ultra fine powder: 5.6 mg
  • Vateria indica: 2.9 mg
  • Cornelion ultra fine powder: 5.6 mg
  • Cinnamomum zeylanisum: 2.9 mg
  • Elettaria cardamomum: 5.6 mg
  • Syzygium aromaticum: 0.725 mg
  • Lodoicea sechellarum ultra fine powder: 5.0 mg
  • Crocus sativus: 0.25 mg
  • Ambra grasea compound: 2.9 mg
  • Excipients: q.s.


  • 1 tablet with milk in the morning.
  • Take 4 tablespoonfuls of Erqember with it for early response.

This is a Herbal product.

Manufactured by Pakistan

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