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Hamdard Khuban 175ml


Boosts energy. Strengthens body. Increases appetite



A fine and delicious syrup prepared from selected herbs. In human body energy balance is a relationship between energy-in and energy-out. A severe negative energy balance can lead to decline in metabolism, decrease in bone mass, inability to concentrate and reduction in physical performance. Khuban helps to reduce fatigue and increases physical stamina.

  • Ficus carica: The fruit is sweet, antipyretic, tonic, laxative, purgative, and useful in inflammation, weakness, paralysis, thirst, problem of liver & spleen and pain in chest. The milky juice is expectorant and diuretic.
  • Phoenix dactylifera: Originator of blood, digestive and restorative. Dates contain at least six vitamins including a small amount of vitamin C, vitamins B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), nicotinic acid (niacin) and vitamin A.
  • Prunus armeniaca: Anti-flatulent, laxative and refrigerant.
  • Prunus domestica: It has adequate amount of iron, potassium and fluoride. It also contains protein, carbohydrate, fat, fiber, sugar, vitamin A, B2, C, E, pantothenic acid, calcium, copper, magnesium, selenium and zinc.
  • Elettaria cardamomum: Stimulant, carminative, exhilarant, anti-flatulent and stomach tonic.
  • Citrus aurantium (juice): It is used to improve appetite.
  • Oleum Syzygium aromaticum: It has carminative properties.
  • Oleum Cinnamomum zeylanicum: Cinnamon is an aromatic stimulant, carminative and astringent.
  • Oleum Mentha arvensis: It is helps in removing functional gastro-intestinal discomfort associated with bloating, also helps and relieves bile complaints and catarrh of the Respiratory tract.
  • Aqua Rosa damascena: It gives a feeling of well-being and happiness.


  • Loss of appetite, mental exhaustion, physical fatigue and general debility.

Per 5 ml contains

  • Ficus carica 50 mg
  • Phoenix dactylifera 50 mg
  • Prunus armeniaca 50 mg
  • Prunus domestica 50 mg
  • Elettaria cardamomum 25 mg
  • Citrus aurantium (juice) 1.25 mg
  • Oleum Mentha arvensis 0.05 ml
  • Oleum Cinnamomum zeylanicum 0.00025 ml
  • Oleum Syzygium aromaticum 0.0005 ml
  • Aqua Rosa damascene 0.0005 ml
  • Presevatives, sweetening & flavouring agents: 0.15 ml q.s.


  • Adults: Take 2 teaspoonsful twice a day, preferably after meal.
  • Children: Take 1/2 to 1 teaspoonful twice a day, preferably after meal or as directed by the physician.


This is a Herbal product.


Manufactured by Pakistan

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