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Irish Spring, Body Wash Aloe Paraben Free, 18 FL Oz (532ml)


Irish Spring, Body Wash

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Irish Spring Body Wash Long Lingering Fragrance after Shower
Everybody wants to feel fresh and clean and for that they make use of different body wash. One of the classic body wash, Original Body Wash, is specially-designed to make men feel rejuvenated. It’s a body wash that helps clean you effectively by removing all dirt from the body. This body wash also keeps you scented for eight hours. It gives you a classic crisp Ireland freshness for all day long. This body wash is effective and is easy to use.• Feels clean and fresh
• 8 hour scent system
• Gives you a crisp clean
• Convenient bottle
You will get clean in minutes by using this fresh scent and rich lather body wash.
Just For You: All skin types

A Closer Look: Original Body Wash has a eight hour scent system that keeps you fresh and clean all day. It comes in the form of a shower gel and produces thick lather and cleans well.

Get Started: Squeeze the gel, make lather. Apply on damp skin and rinse thoroughly.


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