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Kirkland Signature Stool Softener, Docusate Sodium, 100mg, 400 Softgels


A quick dietary supplement to overcome from constipation instantly with easily dissolved softgels that removes bowels occurred in the stomach due to several factors. The softgels are feasible for every age group and gender as well

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Constipation occurs due to several factors like change in diets, too much dairy products intake, stress, pregnancy, and much more easy solutions through Kirkland offer quickly dissolved softgels to remove your constipation and bring back your healthy stomach.

Ingredients Formulated:

Docusate sodium 100mg

Benefits & Uses 

  • Removes occasional constipation 
  • Generally produces bowel movements 
  • Feasible for every age group 


To be taken only by mouth 

For adults from 12 years to above is to take 1-3 softgels daily 

Children aged 2 & below 12 are to take 1 soft gel daily
children under 2 needs consultation from the doctor.


Do not use if you are using any mineral oil or ask a doctor before useing 

If pregnant or nursing consult a doctor before any intake

Manufactured by the USA


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