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Loreal Elvive Volume Filler Thickening Shampoo Fine ,Thin Hair 12.6 Fl Oz


L’Oreal elvive thickening shampoo providing you a complete solution to protect your hair getting damaged due to several factors loreal Paris thickening shampoo gives you a complete nourishing healthy hair to signature your beauty.

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L’Oreal Paris elvive thickening shampoo giving you a complete solution to satisfy your hair with notorious shampoo with just one wash and make your hair healthy enough to sustain throughout the day.


  • Nourish your hair with a new look 
  • Provide healthy assistance to your hair 
  • Makes your hair shiny and healthy 
  • For any age group 



  • Prevent from getting into your eyes 
  • Do not consume the product 
  • Don’t let the container open when not in use 


Use with wet hair 

Properly massage your head while showering


loreal elvive power moisture hyaluronic is a shampoo that gives you best response to your hair with one wash and give powerful response to your hair assisting you to nourish your hair and give it a quick moisturizing effect to develop a glowing look.


Loreal elvive power moisture provides you the best solution with its healthy ingrediernts formulated to provide you with the best appearing hair hat works as a signature to your appearance. The best solution for preventing your hair and give it a complete nourishing look throughout the day.



  • Powerful assistance to your hair 
  • Healthy looking hair 
  • Nourished look 
  • Shinny hair 


Direction to use 

  • Thoroughly massage while using 
  • properly rinse it with clean water 



  • do bottle the bottle open
  • prevent from eyes 
  • do not consume the product


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