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Meta Mucil Psyllium 4-in-1 Fiber Orange 26.6 oz ( 1.7LBS )

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Did you know that when your digestive system is not working the way it is supposed to, your body automatically slows down? This is exactly why you need to make sure you stay on top of your health game with Metamucil Psyllium Fiber Supplement.

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The special Psyllium husk formula absorbs the excess water in your body to create a thick gel, which expands to give that feeling of a full stomach. Not only that, but the gel also sucks in all the carbs, sugar, and cholesterol that may be harmful to your health and kicks it all out. This maintains the healthy levels of cholesterol and blood sugar in your body, allowing you to feel lighter and more energetic in no time!


● Calories 15
● Total Carbohydrate 5 g
● Dietary Fiber 3 g
● Soluble Fiber 2 g
● Iron 0.4 mg
● Sodium 5 mg
● Potassium 30 mg


Psyllium Husk, Maltodextrin, Citric Acid, Natural & Artificial Orange Flavor, Aspartame, Yellow 6.


● Refreshing Orange Flavor
● Contains plant-based Psyllium Husk Fiber
● Free of Gluten & Sugar
● Great for digestive health
● Offers multiple health benefits
● Improves Cardiovascular health
● Hunger suppressant that provides appetite control
● Gel-forming psyllium
● Absorbs and gets rid of excess waste that weighs you down
● Lowers blood sugar & cholesterol levels
● No. 1 Fiber brand recommended by doctors.


Pour one rounded teaspoon of Metamucil into 8 oz. of any cold liquid of your choice. Stir until dissolved, and enjoy!


● For Adult Use Only.
● Keep out of reach of children.
● Do not exceed the recommended dosage.
● Do not use this as the sole nutritional provider. Have a daily intake of 1200 calories along with this mix.
● Store at room temperature.
● Make sure the safety seal is not damaged, broken, or missing before use.
● This product assumes no responsibility in diagnosing, treating, curing, or preventing any disease(s).
● Visit a healthcare practitioner if you are:
â—ˆ Pregnant or Nursing.
â—ˆ Already taking medication.
â—ˆ Have a pre-existing medical condition.
â—ˆ An unusual reaction to the product occurs.

Manufactured by USA


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