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Mysem Life for Men & Women Macun 240 Grams

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Turkish Mysem Life Honey contains pure herbal ingredients enriched with goat weed (epimedium), ginseng extract, carob, and honey milk, in addition to a carefully studied amount of pure propolis extract, which makes this honey one of the best sexual tonics in the market of sexual products, sexual tonics and delayed ejaculation.

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Turkish Mysem Life Honey, sexual tonic registered with the Turkish Ministry of Health and Food
A libido stimulant, an erection-boosting product, works to enhance blood flow in the blood vessels and transmit energy throughout the body.
In addition to its function in enhancing erection; Turkish Mysem Life Honey increases the body’s immunity and overcomes the state of weakness and general weakness of the body during daily life.
Turkish Mysem Life Paste releases energy throughout the body and enhances the kinetic and physiological activity of the body thanks to its herbal ingredients that are at the top of the pyramid of valuable herbal products in the categories of sexual tonics, immune enhancers, erectile stimulants and others.
A herbal sexual tonic for men and women.


Mysem Life Enhances erection continuity status
Mysem Life Treats premature ejaculation for men
Mysem Life macun Increase sperm count for men
Mysem Life macun stimulates sexual desire for women
Mysem Life activates kinetic and physical activity of the body due to its beneficial herbal components.
Mysem Life is a completely natural sexual tonic for both men and women.
Mysem Life honey is a Turkish sexual tonic licensed as usable product by the Turkish Ministry of Health & Food
Works on increasing blood flow into blood vessels and enhancing energy and activity throughout the whole body.
mysemlife works on increasing immunity of the body and assisting it in getting rid of general weakness and asthenia during day time .
Enjoys a very delicious taste and the pleasant odor of Turkish herbs mix .


Pollen grains
Carob molasses
Ginkgo plant

Directions for Use:

Mix well before use. Use only one teaspoon if necessary. Please drink plenty of water after consumption.

Made In Turkey


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