/ Neo Cell Super Collagen Peptides 21.2 oz (1.3lbs) 600 gm
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Neo Cell Super Collagen Peptides 21.2 oz (1.3lbs) 600 gm


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Collagen Type 1 & 3
10 g Collagen Per Serving
20 Servings Per Container
For Healthy Skin, Nails, Joint Support, and Hair.
Dietary Supplement
Certified Paleo Friendly
Nourish your inner beauty with Super Collagen Peptides.

As we grow, our body’s collagen gets depleted, which can lead to many common signs of
aging. But our Super Collagen Peptides have been specifically formulated to support your radiant beauty from the inside and promote your body’s own collagen production.

Formulated to boost your beauty from the inside out, hydrolyzed Super Collagen Peptides helps you feed your healthy beauty and enjoy radiant, healthy hair, youthful skin, and nails.

Other ingredients

Contains No: soy, wheat, lactose, starch, corn, or artificial flavors. Gluten-free.
May Contain: Trace amounts of naturally occurring sulfite residue.
This product does not contain common GE genes or proteins.

Suggested use

Boost your inner beauty with just two (2) scoops dissolved into a glass of water, orange juice, tea, coffee, or your favorite smoothie.


Store in a cool, dry place,
Keep out of reach of children.
The amount of product in the bottle is based on weight. Some product settling may occur.
Notice: Use this product as a food supplement only. Do not use it for weight reduction.



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