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NOW Foods, Blood Pressure Health – 90 Veg Capsule

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NOW Blood Pressure Health incorporates a pair of herbs that have been shown to promote cardiovascular health on their own. Grape seed extract optimised for polyphenols, known as MegaNatural -BP, has been the subject of extensive clinical testing and holds a patent. Flavonoids found in MegaNatural -BP may help maintain normal blood pressure in healthy individuals* by promoting healthy vascular function. Furthermore, NOW has included a standardised Hawthorn Extract to help shield against free radicals and improve cardiovascular health. Due to the nature of the materials used, slight colour variations may appear.

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Description :

DOUBLE VALUE PACK! You are purchasing TWO jars of Now Foods Blood Pressure Health, each containing 90 vegetarian capsules. Support for the cardiovascular system Contributes to the upkeep of a blood pressure that is already within the normal range. Vegetarian Formula New information suggests that the significance of Grape Seed Extract (GSE) in supporting cardiovascular health may extend beyond its key antioxidant capabilities. This is the conclusion drawn from the evidence that has emerged in recent years. NOW Blood Pressure Health is a mix of two herbs, both of which have shown promise on their own as potential contributors to improved cardiovascular health. NOW Blood Pressure Health is designed to support healthy blood pressure levels.

Ingredients :

MegaNatural-BP 150 mg

Directions :

As a nutritional supplement, take one Vcap anywhere from once to twice per day. You might also want to consider using NOW CoQ10, Pycnogenol, and Tru-C BioComplex in conjunction with this product.

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