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Sidra Epimidium Lu Macun Mysem 240gr

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Sidra Epimidium Macun A natural herbal supplement for improved vitality and performance. Made from an ancient formula, this macun is specially designed to enhance energy levels and increase stamina. Experience the power of natural ingredients and unlock your full potential with Sidra Epimedyumlu Macun.

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You can add color to your sexual life with healthy and highly effective epimedium paste prepared with natural plant extracts. It is possible to experience hours of uninterrupted pleasure thanks to the paste that increases performance and prolongs erection time.


Sexual Enhancement Similar to the Maximum Power version, this macun is marketed as improving sexual desire, performance, and erectile function for both men and women. This is again attributed to ingredients like Epimedium, Maca, and Ginseng.
Increased Energy and Stamina Again, the presence of Ginseng and other herbal ingredients may contribute to potential energy boosts and improved stamina.
General Well-being Some users report feeling more vital and well-being after consuming the macun. This could be due to the combination of nutrients and antioxidants found in the ingredients.


Pine Honey, Bee Pollen, and the Powder of the Carob, and Epididymium Extract, and Ginseng Extract, and Ginkgo Extract.


How To Use:
Mix the Paste Well Before Use, It is Recommended to Use a Teaspoon of 30 to 40 Minutes Before the Course.


Get Out of Reach of Children. Patients With Blood Pressure and Pressure Problems Should Not Use This Product. It Should Be Used Only Once Within 24 Hours. For Any Inconvenience, People Receiving Treatment Are Advised to Consult With Their Doctors. Contact Your Doctor if There Are Any Side Effects.


Made In Turkey


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