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Sidra Maximum Power Plus 240gr

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Sidra Maximum Power epimedium paste is a herbal food supplement used to solve impotence, hardening and erection problems, which are described as male sexual dysfunction. However, this paste is not used only in men. It is also known that it has a positive effect on women to be more willing and desirefull in sexual intercourse.

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Therefore, it is a natural product that plays a major role in eliminating unwanted problems in sexual intercourse, especially between married couples. Men who use epimedium paste often state that they are satisfied with the positive effect this paste provides. Because Sidra Maximum Power epimedium paste not only provides a beneficial and visible effect on men, but also gives happiness to couples because it has an increasing effect on women’s sexual desire.
Sidra Maximum Power epimedium paste is produced from herbal extracts and instantly eliminates the problems that men experience in sexual intercourse and which they consider a matter of pride. In this way, Sidra Maximum Power pastes, which provide psychological relief, not only have a positive effect on sexual intercourse, but also enable men to be stress-free, self-confident and confident in their daily lives.


The ingredients in Sidra Maximum Power epimedium paste are wondered by customers who will buy this product for the first time. Sidra Maximum Power epimedium paste, also known as power paste, consists entirely of organic and natural plant extracts.
Flower honey
mulberry syrup
Epimedium plant extract
carob molasses
carob molasses
Mulberry molasses
ginkgo biloba
Iron thistle plant extract
nettle extract
Bee milk.


How To Use:
consume 1 teaspoon of the paste at least 1 hour before sexual intercourse. Because consuming more than 1 teaspoon of Sidra Maximum Power epimedium paste, which has a very strong effect, may reduce its effect rather than increase it. For this reason, it is important not to exceed the limit in the use of the product. On the other hand, attention should also be paid to the consumption time. If the paste is eaten later than it should be consumed, it may not be possible to have a positive effect this time. Therefore, it is important to consume Sidra Maximum Power epimedium paste in accordance with its recommended form.


In addition, since Sidra Maximum Power epimedium paste has a honey consistency, it must be mixed thoroughly before consumption. In this way, the paste that is made homogeneous before eating will have a much better effect. In addition, consuming Sidra Maximum Power epimedium paste with alcohol should be avoided as it may cause health problems.



Made In Turkey


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