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Sois Miltech Multivitamins & Minerals A Complete Supplement For All Ages 20 Tablets


  • FlexEase helps to build a healthy bones and make your joints strong.
  • It help to minimize the underlying causes of cartilage deterioration, reduce joints pain and stiffness by maintaining healthy joints and cartilage.

Miltech Soft Gelatin Capsule are a multivitamin supplement with iron, folic acid, zinc sulphate and magnesium sulphate. The human body requires a wide variety of vitamins to perform crucial daily tasks such as releasing energy from food and repairing cell damage. During certain illnesses, your body either cannot get or cannot efficiently use all of the vitamins it needs.

  • Miltech gives a boost start to your body.
  • Miltech is essential for your health, supporting cell growth, immune function, fetal development and vision.
  • It gives protection against immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease, prenatal health problems, eye disease, and even skin wrinkling.
  • Helps to relieve joints pain and inflammation.
  • Help in the formation of cartilage tissue and support joints mobility and comfort.

Formula: Multi-Vitamins


Adults take 1 Tablet two times a day or as per adviced.


This is a Halal product.


Manufactured by Pakistan



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