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Trojan Magnum Large Size Condoms Bare Skin The Thinnest Condom 10 Lubricated Condoms


Because of their reduced thickness, magnum bare skin condoms are designed to be more sensitive and comfortable. This is the best option for folks with larger genitals because it provides consistent protection in a larger, more comfortable package.

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  • Trojan magnum bareskin large condoms come in a 10 count box.
  • Thinnest magnum condom from trojan for enhanced sensitivity and comfort – the gold standard
  • Larger than normal condoms, magnums include a wider, contoured shape, an unique reservoir end, and a tapered base for secure implantation.
  • Extra comfort and sensitivity are provided by a lubricant that is silky smooth.
  • Do not accept any replacments


Instead of using condoms, its unique design allows you to have an intimate experience. It’s absolutely vacant, to be honest. Both ends have two sets of stimulating ribs, and the flexible design allows for more motion. Because of the enhanced lubricant, they both benefit from the ultrasmooth lubrication. Electronically tested latex is used to ensure their long-term viability. Use these condoms during sex to avoid unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted illnesses! 24 trojan double ecstasy condoms are included. Condoms made by the trojan brand have been a staple of american sexual hygiene for more than a century now. Every aspect of one’s life in the privacy of one’s own bedroom should be free from danger. Trojan brand items include vibrators, lubricants, condoms, and everything in between, all of which are inventive and high-quality.


Polyethylene glycols (pegs) 8 and 4, hydroxypropylcellulose (hpc), and propylene glycol (pg).


Handel with care. Avoid to use if one has any latex itching.


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