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Tums Antacid Chewy Bites Assorted Berries Extra Strength 750, 32 Chewable Tablets


A tasty way to get fast heartburn relief! TUMS Chewy Bites have the same extra-strength power of TUMS in a crunchy, chewable antacid tablet.

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Powerful Heartburn Medicine for Adults and Children 12+

When symptoms occur, take two to four chewable antacids, depending on the severity of your acid indigestion. Featuring the active ingredient calcium carbonate, these chewy antacids relieve heartburn, sour stomach, acid indigestion and provide upset stomach relief associated with these symptoms. Each chewable tablet delivers fast relief in every bite. With a delicious outer shell and soft center, these TUMS Chewy Bites come in three delicious assorted berry flavors. TUMS antacid tablets are the #1 recommended adult antacid brand by doctors, pharmacists and OBGYNs. As America’s #1 antacid and trusted as a heartburn medicine for 90 years, TUMS is fully supported with a satisfaction guarantee. These antacid tablets are gluten free, with an active ingredient that can be found in nature. These extra strength heartburn relief tablets come in a compact, recyclable bottle that’s easy to stow for whenever heartburn strikes. With TUMS Chewy Bites, you get a tasty way to fast heartburn relief in every chewy bite.

  • CONTENTS: 1 bottle containing 32 TUMS Chewy Bites Chewable Antacid Tablets in delicious assorted berry flavors (strawberry, mixed berry, raspberry)
  • MULTI-SYMPTOM RELIEF: Heartburn medicine for burning in the chest, acid indigestion, sour stomach and upset stomach associated with these symptoms
  • FAST AND POWERFUL STRENGTH: Nothing works faster!
  • GLUTEN FREE: This heartburn and acid indigestion medicine has the active ingredient 750 mg calcium carbonate
  • #1 DOCTOR RECOMMENDED: TUMS is the #1 recommended adult antacid brand by doctors, pharmacists and OBGYNs
  • TRUSTED BRAND: TUMS is America’s #1 antacid, providing trusted heartburn relief for 90 years, supported by a satisfaction guarantee
  • HSA AND FSA ELIGIBLE: HSA and FSA eligible product
  • HSA and FSA eligible item



2-4 Tablets


Adults and children 12 years of age and over: Chew 2-4 tablets as symptoms occur, or as directed by a doctor. Do not take for symptoms that persist for more than 2 weeks unless advised by a doctor.

Inactive Ingredients:

Acacia Gum; Alcohol; Ammonium Hydroxide; Beeswax; Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides; Carmine; Carnauba Wax; Citric Acid Coconut Oil; Corn Starch; Corn Syrup; Dextrin; Ethyl Acetate; Ethyl Alcohol; FD&C Blue #1 Alum Lake; FD&C Blue #2 Alum Lake; FD&C Red #40; FD&C #40 Alum Lake; FD&C Yellow #5 Alum Lake (Tartrazine); FD&C Yellow #6; FD&C Yellow #6 Alum Lake; Flavors; Gum Arabic; Isopropyl Alcohol; Maltodextrin; Methyl Paraben; Modified Corn Starch; N-Butyl Alcohol; Phosphoric Acid; PVP; Propyl Paraben; Propylene Glycol; Purified Water; Shellac; Sodium Benzoate; Sorbic Acid; Sorbitol; Soy Bean Oil; Soy Lecithin; Sucrose; TBHQ; Titanium Dioxide; Triacetin; Vegetable Oil; Each Chewable Tablet Contains: Elemental Calcium 300 mg


Active Ingredients: (in each tablet) Calcium carbonate USP 750mg.

Active Ingredients

Calcium Carbonate



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