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Victorias Secret Cheers Again Fragrance Mist (250ml) 8.4 FL Oz

120 ratings


  • This translucent mist is made to mix, blend, and play for a personalised fragrance, and it contains red plum and freesia. The formula for this mist has been updated and is now better than it has ever been.
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  • It is gentle to the skin and maintains your self-assurance throughout the entire day.
  • It is recommended for usage on a daily basis.

The perfect bottle of Victoria’s Secret, which is 250 milliliters in size and has a mystifying mixture of cool and minty elements, is able to effectively revive both your body and your spirit. The heightened aroma reminds one of a refreshing wind blowing down from the Himalayas. You will have the opportunity to look and smell faultless, seductive, and beautiful all at the same time on any occasion if you Victorias Secret CHEERS AGAIN Fragrance Mist because of its invigorating scent. If you use lotion in conjunction with this seductive perfume, your skin will remain nourished and fragrant for the entirety of the day.

  • The aroma of Freshness in the Air

Because it is developed with a beguiling aroma, it will, in essence, assist you in smelling nice for the entirety of the day.

  • Natural Components Contributing to its Richness

Victorias Secret CHEERS AGAIN Fragrance Mist is formulated with a mixture of natural components, and as a result, it evokes feelings associated with being in the great outdoors.

  • Long-Lasting Scent

The use of this blossoming perfume leaves people smelling fragrant for an extended period of time after application.

  • Maintains a Sensual Scent on the Skin

The Victorias Secret CHEERS AGAIN Fragrance Mist makes an effort to seal the fragrance in your body, so preserving the cleanliness of sensitive areas of your body while at the same time releasing an alluring perfume that lasts for several hours. The formulation contains substances with a cold and minty aroma, and the strength of the perfume is somewhat strong. It is appropriate for women to make use of. Holds a fragrance close to your skin.


Red plum, fressia, and unique fragnances.


  • Carefully take off the top of the mist bottle sold by Victoria’s Secret.
  • To activate the mist diffusion, simply press the pump.
  • It is effective in getting rid of odour when applied to sensitive regions of the body.



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