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According to the Institute of Medicine, men, and women have the same basic requirements for calcium and vitamins D, E, and B12. But women who are pregnant or nursing need extra amounts of many vitamins and minerals. Vitamin Deck has especially Imported Women Multivitamins in Pakistan.

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Women are usually considered more sensitive than men as they go through multiple life stages where they need assistance throughout the ageing process to sustain in their daily activities. To fulfill the requirement of the nutrition in women body there are many essential nutrients required by women during multiple stages including pregnancy, menstrual period where their body needs assistance to be strong enough to handle critical cramps and pain caused. Women multivitamins are formulated under experts and are advised by the doctors as well to intake those multivitamins for better aging and maintaining their body strength. Vitamin Deck has the best sources of multivitamins brands for women including Centrum, Puritan Pride, GNC and many more to provide best quality products for maintaining a women’s body.

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